09 May 2011

Makes It All Worthwhile -- Mother's Day Musings

A belated very Happy Mother's Day!

I had the best of intentions of blogging yesterday, but Mr. Z had some other ideas -- namely, trying to deal with 4 molars coming through at the same time by being on me at all times and crying hysterically if he wasn't.  "Happy Mother's Day, mama, I'm celebrating by being absolutely miserable and making you lose your mind!"  Sigh.

As trying as these kind of days are, I also relished having lots of snuggle time with Z.  There's something about having a baby's heavy head resting on your shoulder and feeling them relax completely that makes it easier to get through the moments when they're screaming in pain and you're at wits' end trying to make it better.

So I spent much of yesterday blog-surfing, and discovered Kami from No Biggie doing a series of posts with other bloggers on 5 Things I Love About Being a Mom.  They inspired me to come up with my own list.

5 Things I Love About Being a Mom

1.  Falling in love with my husband all over again as I see what an amazing Daddy he is.

2.  Being able to fix anything, even if it's just with a hug and empathy.

3.  Seeing each of my children develop their own distinct personalities (and sometimes wondering where on Earth they got certain characteristics from).

4.  Having 3.  I was raised basically an only child, and I am so thankful that my kids have built-in playmates, role models, and partners in crime.  Watching their sibling relationships grow is often mystifying for me, but also hilarious ("make her stop looking at me!") and touching ("I don't want Zachy to be afraid of the dark, so I'm letting him use my nightlight").

5.  Seeing the world through new eyes as they learn & discover.

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kami @ nobiggie.net said...

So sweet, Erin! I loved your number one. I feel the same way.

It was fun to read your 5 things. Thanks for joining in!